Thus saith the preacher...

God made the world

And god said let there be light
and there was light.
And some saw the light and saw that it was good.
And some saw the light and created darkness.

And god created man and woman in the image of god
with freedom of will and the ability to conceive and to build.
And some saw free will and saw that it was good.
And some saw free will and created anarchy.

And god told mankind to go forth and to multiply.
And some saw copulation and saw that it was good.
And some saw fornication and created sin
and from sin created purity
and from purity created horror
and from horror re-created mankind in their own image

And where there was peace there could be war.
And where there was love there could be hate.
And where there was plenty there could be poverty.
And where there was hope there could be despair.

“That,” they declared, “is God's will!”


Christian, Muslim and Jew

Christian and Moslem,
dizygotic bastard twins
born of Zion.
Siblings religiously squabbling
over who owns truth
owns land, owns oil.
Willing to kill for peace,
Or have their angry sons
Die for the prophet
Or kill for greater profits

Christian, Moslem, Jew
Spot the difference if you can
They all believe in ONE GOD,
Made in the image of the same
self-serving, patriarchal, power hungry,
unpleasant man.