The Goodbye Wave
I think of what I'm doing, I think of what I've done.
I think of times I lost, and think of times I won
I wonder how it happened, and think how far I've come
to find myself in nowhere, as if I've just begun

And all that is important, the things I tried to save
were washed away and vanished in that one tsunami wave
that little goodbye gesture of a hand that wore no ring
I knew then from its absence that I'd lost everything.

And all that was important, and all I’d tried to save
it all was swept away by that one tsunami wave.

Yesterday I lost my wife
I don't mean that I can't find her
I mean that she doesn't want me to look

and then, I became a man
with two dogs and no hair.

the dogs are only temporary
and the hair will grow back.

but some things don't grow back
some things are permanent

I spread my cloths of heaven
under your feet
and you trod softly on that tapestry
enwroght with golden and silver light
until you had to kick the weft
and warp into reality
to make it seem
that you can't walk with me
and I can't dream.

I have rolled up my emotions
folded my desires
and locked them all away
in a small cold metal box
stored in the closed space
that was my open heart.

There is no confusion anymore
no pain of loss
just conscious thought.

There is no struggle for belonging,
that battle has been fought and lost
and now there's only me.

I am here - I'll soon be gone.
I've had my share of joy and pain
I filled my reservoir of love
and watched it drain

She was my all, my life, my soul
SHE was what my life was for
My reservoir of love is drained
She doesn't love me anymore.